Self-Sabotaging: Why Does It Happen Self-sabotaging behavior refers to intentional action (or inaction) that undermines people's progress and prevents them from accomplishing their goals. Self-sabotage occurs when people hinder their own success. While it seems surprising, some people undermine the...

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How to Be More Confident: 9 Tips That Work Confidence is a feeling of trust in your abilities, qualities, and judgment. The American Psychological Association defines self-confidence as "a belief that one is capable of successfully meeting the demands of a task." It can refer to a general sense of trust in your abi...

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5 Green Flags in Relationships

ult What Are Green Flags? While it's smart to notice any signs of toxic behavior in someone you are dating (like ghosting, gaslighting and love bombing behaviors), it's also important to pay attention to the good quality aspects of the relationship. Your partner might be taking actio...

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Dating Tips If You Want a Relationship

 If you want a romantic relationship, there are ways to help you on your path to attaining one. Despite obstacles you might have encountered in the past, here are four ways to find a partner and have a healthy, fulfilling relationship. If you want a partner who has their act together, start working on yourself first . When you like yourself, b...

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6 Essential Rules For Dating It should be fun, not stressful. By Stacey Laura Lloyd Updated on 03/21/21 Let's face it: Dating can be a little intimidating, and it has nothing to do with confidence. Even if you are completely comfortable with yourself and are a good conversationalist, the idea of putting your best ...

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If you had a narcissistic parent who transferred pain onto you, ask yourself some key questions: Do you have worth? It may not have been conveyed well, but the bottom line is that worth is your birthright. It is yours to claim. What does it mean today to be free? You have the privilege to choose for yourself who you will be an what you will stand for. Lean ...

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How Narcissists Transfer Their Pain Onto Their Children Narcissists carry much unfinished psychological pain, as evidenced by their exaggerated need for admiration, their illogical attitude of entitlement, their insistence upon controlling others, their pathological defensiveness, and by their penchant for argu...

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Miscarriage - Symptoms and Causes  Miscarriage is the spontaneous loss of a pregnancy before the 20th week. About 10 to 20 percent of known pregnancies end in miscarriage. But the actual number is likely higher because many miscarriages occur very early in pregnancy — before ...

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Fun Summer Activities Checklist - PART TWO

The Great Outdoors Pick wildflowers.Swim in a lake.Rent a bike.Go fishing.Go camping.Play tennis.Go for a hike.Go kayaking or canoeing.Toss a Frisbee.Just BecauseCollect seashells at the beach.Take a last-minute road trip.See a summer blockbusterWalk barefoot in the grass.Get caught in a summer rainstorm.Sleep with the windows open.Make a summer pl...

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Fun Summer Activities Checklist - PART ONE Nostalgic See a movie at the drive-in.Walk on the boardwalk and listen to the boards creak under your feet.Blow bubbles.Play tag, hopscotch, or one of your favorite childhood games.Ride a roller coaster.Play miniature golf.Win a prize at the fair.Catch fireflies at night.Build a s...

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Healthy boundaries in friendships The tips for keeping healthy boundaries in friendships include some points mentioned above, especially understanding your personal limits in terms of time and emotional investment. These can also change as life events occur that entail a shift in priorities....

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Setting boundaries at work Maintaining healthy boundaries at work has become increasingly difficult with flexible working, remote and hybrid working, and technological progress. Setting boundaries at work begins during the interview process, where you can establish what kinds of work ...

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Examples of Healthy Boundaries  Examples of healthy boundaries include: Declining anything you don't want to doExpressing your feelings responsiblyTalking about your experiences honestlyReplying in the momentAddressing problems directly with the person involved, rather than with a third pa...

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How to Set Healthy Boundaries?  Setting healthy boundaries requires self-awareness. We need to be clear about our expectations of ourselves and others, and what we are and are not comfortable with in specific situations. Setting healthy boundaries requires good communication skills that co...

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How to Set Healthy Boundaries & Build Positive Relationships

Free Healthy boundaries define what is appropriate behavior in our relationships – behavior that keeps both parties safe. And setting healthy boundaries is crucial for self-care and positive relationships. But let's first understand what boundaries are. Boundaries ...

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What Is Boundary Setting? PART TWO

A guide to setting limits with parents, partners, friends, and co-workers When Unhealthy Boundaries Become Abusive If you are currently in a relationship where your partner is: Violating your physical safetyExerting excessive control of your lifeConstantly scaring youBeing hyper-controlling ...

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