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Janet A. MoranaJanet-Portrait-02-177_1

JANET A. MORANA serves as the Executive Director of Priests for Life and the Co-Founder
of the Silent No More Awareness Campaign, the world’s largest mobilization of women and
men who have lost children to abortion.
Mrs. Morana was born in Brooklyn, NY. She holds a degree in foreign languages and a Masters
degree in Education, as well as a Professional Diploma in Reading from St. John's University,
graduating with several awards for academic excellence. For eleven years, Mrs. Morana served
as a full-time public school teacher in Staten Island, New York. During that time, she
spearheaded numerous literacy, science, cultural and educational programs and won many
awards and financial grants for her school district.
Since 1989, Mrs. Morana has held various local and national leadership roles in the pro-life
movement. She served on the board of the Staten Island Right to Life Committee. She ran for the
New York City Council on the Right-to-Life Line and received the largest percentage of votes of
any Right to Life candidate in the Party's history.
She has traveled extensively throughout the country and the world, giving pro-life training
seminars for clergy and laity, including at Pontifical universities in Rome, and representing
Priests for Life at national and international pro-life conferences. She has helped coordinate
relationships between pro-life organizations and the Vatican as well as the White House.
Janet is featured on Fr. Pavone's Defending Life television series on EWTN and is the Co-host of
The Catholic View for Women also seen on EWTN. She is a weekly guest on EWTN Global
Catholic Radio with Teresa Tomeo, has appeared on Fox News Channel and numerous other
media outlets. She is the co-founder of the Silent No More Awareness Campaign, an
international effort to assist women who have had abortions to share their testimonies. In 2003
she addressed the Pro-Life Caucus of the U.S. House of Representatives on life issues. In 2009
the international Legatus organization bestowed upon her the Cardinal John O’Connor Pro-life
Hall of Fame Award. Janet is a member of the National Advisory Board of Stanton Healthcare
and a Board member and secretary of IHACA (International Hope Alive Counselors
Association). She is the author of the best-selling book, Recall Abortion published by Saint
Benedict Press in 2013 and Shockwaves: Abortion’s Wider Circle of Victims, Catholic Book
Publishing Corp., January 2018. Janet's newest book, Everything You Need to Know About
Abortion - For Teens, was published by Tan Books in 2022.

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