If you had a narcissistic parent who transferred pain onto you, ask yourself some key questions:

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Do you have worth? It may not have been conveyed well, but the bottom line is that worth is your birthright. It is yours to claim.

What does it mean today to be free? You have the privilege to choose for yourself who you will be an what you will stand for. Lean into it.

As a free person, what traits and what priorities would you like to pursue? That's something you get to decide.

When you are told it's not okay to be what you are, how can you establish boundaries? You can determine to be open to others' input, but you need not allow anyone to infringe upon your distinctives.

Can you shift your mannerisms while making no apologies for being you, and with the least amount of animosity? Let your decency speak for itself.

What will you pass on to those you are currently connected to and to those of the generation behind you? You can break the trend.

Narcissistic parents want to have the final word, but they have lost the right to impose or to define who you are. That right now belongs to you and you alone. You are not being disloyal when you follow your independent, adult initiatives. Instead, you are affirming yourself, something the narcissist did not do. Their pain is their pain, and you are no longer required to carry it. It should never have been place upon you in the first place.

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Monday, 25 September 2023

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