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Inner strength is a deep, unstoppable belief in yourself. It doesn't depend on the actions of anyone else, and it doesn't depend on your circumstances. Most people realize that finding inner strength is likely to benefit relationships and feelings of overall well-being. And many more have a vague concept of inner strength but haven't pinned down a precise definition.

So what is inner strength really, and how does one go about developing more of it?

Inner strength is a concept open for interpretation. Psychologists use the term "inner strength" to refer loosely to the wide range of mental and emotional resources (behaviors, skills and attitudes) that keep us stable and adaptable in life. The following are the internal resources every human being has that allow them to adapt, change and bounce back from adversity. Focusing on them will help you discover you're stronger than you realize.

Adaptive emotional skills: Mindfulness, resilience, empathy

Positive emotions: Love, self-compassion, gratitude

Optimistic outlook: Confidence, openness, determination

Engaged manner: Relaxed, humorous, responsible

Warm personality: Generous, hard-working, wise

Many of these aren't innate personality traits – they're skills you can develop with practice. You can learn how to practice gratitude, how to be confident and how to have empathy. Separately, they'll lead to a more fulfilled and joyful life. But taken together, they are so much more powerful. You'll be unstoppable.

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Wednesday, 06 December 2023

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