The Equal Handshake

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asouThe Equal Handshake

An equal handshake has these 7 elements:

  1. good eye contact
  2. a warm, genuine smile
  3. an extended arm with a slight bend at the elbow
  4. fingers pointing downward while approaching the other person's hand
  5. this one's the big one—EQUAL pressure during the hand clasp
  6. slight forward lean toward the other person
  7. a slow release after 1–2 seconds

What it Means: This handshake is a breath of fresh air and signals mutual respect for both parties.

An equal handshake signals confidence, openness, and power during an interaction and leaves both participants feeling warm and fuzzy inside.

How to Use it: Before shaking hands, consider the context. Salespeople learned early on that an uninvited or surprise handshake from nowhere was damaging to their sales—the buyers obviously didn't welcome them, and they felt forced to shake hands.

Handshakes also aren't universal—some cultures commonly bow as a greeting, as they do in Japan, and people in other cultures give a kiss on the cheek, as they do in Italy or Spain.

A good rule of thumb is to only shake hands when you know the other person will warmly reciprocate it. Otherwise, a head nod is a good option—or wait for the other person to initiate the handshake.

On another important note, older people require less pressure, so avoid crushing an older person's hand with your firm grip. When shaking hands with a higher-status individual, allow them to set the length and pressure of the handshake first, and follow up with an equal exchange for maximum bonding. 

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