Healthy Boundaries vs. Unhealthy Boundaries

Healthy Boundaries Free pregnancy testing and ultrasounds

People with solid boundaries tend to have lower levels of stress and higher self-esteem because they prioritize their well-being.

On the other hand, people without boundaries may inadvertently let others take advantage of them.

They may lack self-confidence, a sense of purpose, or a clear identity to guide them through life. Counselor Dr. Dana Nelson writes, "in work or in our personal relationships, poor boundaries lead to resentment, anger, and burnout."

People without boundaries can be easily persuaded into things they don't want to do because they may be acting out of guilt or obligation rather than self-love.

Signs of Healthy BoundariesPotential Signs of Unhealthy Boundaries
Protect yourself from getting taken advantage ofVulnerable to being "used" or taken advantage of
Own your timeOver-commit your time to others and leave little time for yourself
High self-esteem and self-respectLower self-esteem and critical inner dialogue
Prioritize time for yourselfGive a lot of their time to other people
You only take on responsibilities you can handle; you don't overcommit yourselfFeeling exhausted or burnt out by overwhelming commitments and responsibilities
Authentically say "no" if you don't have the energy or capacity to do somethingHave a hard time saying "no"
Set limits for others without feeling badFeel guilty for expressing boundaries
Strong sense of identity and directionChange yourself to fit in with different people
Take care of your own problems and understand that you cannot heal other people's issues for themTake on other people's problems as your own
You clearly communicate your needs and wants; you prioritize your self-careYou put other people's needs and wants before your own

Suppose you're tired of living your life for other people or find yourself exhausted by all the commitments you've made to others. In that case, it's time to set some boundaries and reclaim the power of your time, energy, and mental well-being. 

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